Today, more than ever, businesses must provide a safe and sanitized environment to protect their employees’ health. We provide that advantage!

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US Military Maintenance is a program of Patriotic Hearts to employ US Veterans, which has received the San Diego L.E.A.D. Award for Creating Economic Development, and the Extra Mile Award from the Chamber of Commerce.

Businesses that choose to employ US Military Clean owners receive US Military “Inspection Ready” quality. From the very first day of Boot Camp until the day they transition back into civilian life all US Military personnel are trained and drilled in keeping everything “white glove inspection ready.” No one has the experience that a US veteran has in keeping anything perfectly clean. They are mature, responsible, professional men and women. You can trust and rely upon them to protect your business’ reputation, reliability, and image. Plus, you receive the pleasure of thanking our troops in a very important way.

These individuals or companies represent US Military Maintenance in their local area.

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